Elections for Vacant Leadership Positions

Official Notice: The Minneapolis DFL Central Committee will meet November 30, 2017 at Whittier International School 315 West 26th Street, Mpls MN 55404. During this meeting nominations for vacant leadership positions will be opened and elections to the vacant positions will be held. Persons elected to these positions will fulfill the remainder of the term which ends at the conclusion of the next Convention of the Mpls DFL, date tbd Summer 2018. All are welcome to attend this meeting, voting privileges are reserved for members of the Mpls DFL Central Committee. Separate seating areas will be reserved for voting members and the interested public at this meeting. 

Vacant positions:

Vice Chair (must not identify as female), Secretary and Treasurer

Job descriptions are as follows:

The Vice Chair shall aid the Chair and shall fulfill the duties of the Chair in the absence or inability of the Chair to act. (Chair's job description for reference: The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Minneapolis DFL Party. The Chair shall be empowered to convene and conduct the meetings of the Minneapolis DFL Central Committee and shall also convene the City Convention.)

The Secretary shall (1) keep the minutes of all Central and Executive Committee meetings, (2) keep records of all official Minneapolis DFL actions, (3) prepare all necessary documents, (4) prepare and send all official Minneapolis DFL correspondence, (5) notify all members of Central and Executive Committee meetings, and (6) send copies of revised constitution and minutes of conventions to the state DFL office for permanent recording.

The Treasurer shall manage all party funds and submit a full written report of receipts and disbursements to each Central and Executive Committee meeting and all Minneapolis DFL Conventions. The Treasurer shall also complete and submit any report on party finances or campaign contributions required by the agencies of the state or federal government. The Treasurer shall also arrange for an annual independent audit of party finances. The Deputy Treasurer will aid the Treasurer in his or her duties and shall fulfill the duties of the Treasurer in the absence or inability of the Treasurer to act.

Additional duties of the officers shall be assigned by the Minneapolis DFL Central Committee. These duties shall include, but shall not be limited to, affirmative action, outreach, and inclusion, fundraising, and coordinating the sample ballot.

For further reference please see the Mpls DFL Constitution, linked on this website under "Governing Documents".

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