Minneapolis DFL
1719 Dupont Ave North
Mpls, MN 55411

For Volunteer Information Call (612) 817-4287

Alicia K. Bennett, Chair (612) 817-4287
Vacant, Vice Chair (see job description and details below) 
Vacant, Secretary (see job description and details below) 
Vacant, Treasurer (see job description and details below)
Dana Gutierrez, Deputy Treasurer
Ladonna Redmond, Outreach Officer
Matt Barthelemy, At-large Director
Joseph Barnett, At-large Director
Ron P. Wacks, Finance Director 612-961-6002

Nominations and Elections for vacant positions will be undertaken at the next Central Committee meeting, time and place TBD

Duties of Mpls DFL Vice Chair:
The Vice Chair acts as a complement to the Chair, giving advice and sharing information to make both roles easier and more successful.
  •   Keep up-to-date on the various local party unit’s activities

  •   If necessary, be prepared to assume the duties of the Chair

  •   Assist the Chair in whatever regard he/she desires

  •   Be willing to take extra initiative for a specific project, such as: fundraising, letters-to-the-editor program, etc. 

Duties of the Mpls DFL Secretary:
The Secretary shall (1) keep the minutes of all Central and Executive Committee meetings, (2) keep records of all official Minneapolis DFL actions, (3) prepare all necessary documents, (4) prepare and send all official Minneapolis DFL correspondence, (5) notify all members of Central and Executive Committee meetings, and (6) send copies of revised constitution and minutes of conventions to the state DFL office for permanent recording.

Duties of Mpls DFL Treasurer:
The Treasurer is, according to state law, the legal representative of the Mpls DFL. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to keep strict financial records of contributions and expenditures, and submit those records to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board in the required format. The best listing of the Treasurer’s duties is found in the Minnesota Public Disclosure Law Political Committee and Fund Handbook, compiled by the Ethical Practices Board ( This document is the Treasurer’s ‘bibleand be should read by all DFL Party officers.
  •   Prudently deposit and safeguard the Mpls DFL’s funds and otherwise manage its finances

  •   Make no disbursement without authority or ratification by the Executive Committee or Chair of the local party unit, according to its Constitution and Bylaws

  •   Prepare and submit timely reports to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board according to its rules

  •   Report to each meeting of the Mpls DFL central and executive committees on the state of the treasury

  •   Work with any Mpls DFL committee that oversees the budget and finances

  •   Undertake the role of Mpls DFL chief fundraiser, if applicable