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Minneapolis DFL 2007 Education Issues Initiative

The Minneapolis DFL will be endorsing candidates for Minneapolis School Board in Spring 2008. In the 2006 school board race, every democratic candidate who received the DFL endorsement won the election and is now serving on the Minneapolis School Board. This is an opportunity for people who care about the status of education in the City of Minneapolis to have a real effect on who will serve on the City of Minneapolis School Board.

The Minneapolis DFL is an important endorsement for any democratic candidate seeking a seat on the School Board. We believe we have an obligation to be thoughtful about this endorsement.

Minneapolis DFL will be hosting a series of discussions beginning in Fall 2007 related to issues surrounding education and related community issues. Anyone who believes they have a vested interest in the public schools – whether you are a parent, teacher, or community member should be a part of this important dialogue.

We want you to be a part of this initiative as participants, supporters, and change-makers.

To support this important initiative we are asking that you make a $50 donation to this important project.

Any donation for this project is eligible for the State of Minnesota Political Contribution Refund program. As part of the program you donate $50 to the Minneapolis DFL ($100 for married couples), complete the PCR form and send it to the State of Minnesota along with a receipt from the Minneapolis DFL. The State will send you your refund within 8 weeks. We commit to getting you a receipt for your donation within 7 days of receipt of your donation. (Think of your $50 donation as a short-term loan to support Minneapolis DFL to help organize around issues to create a healthier climate for education in Minneapolis).

Thank you so much for your support for this important initiative. If you have any questions or comments about this initiative, or want to volunteer to work with us, please email.


Keesha Gaskins, Chair
Minneapolis DFL