Ira Jourdain

Elect Ira Jourdain & the DFL Endorsed Team

“Ira is incredibly caring, and his experience is exactly what we need on the School Board .”
—Rebecca Gagnon, School Board Director

Bob Walser

As a parent of MPS students Ira knows our schools. As a social worker Ira learned what barriers and opportunities for struggling families living in Minneapolis look like. With this unique perspective and professional experience Ira will work to bridge the divides that keep our public schools from effectively partnering with city, county, and state government agencies. Ira is championing reduced standardized testing to give students more time to learn. Ira is championing 30 minutes of recess for every elementary student as a way to improve student learning and school climate. Every parent knows that kids need time to relax and release in order to stay focused. It is this kind of common sense approach that earned Ira the DFL endorsement.

  • Committed to working together for the good of Minneapolis children.
  • Supports our public schools and students, regardless of their zip code, racial identity, class or background.
  • Believes in full-service community schools as a proven method for both increasing school success and helping increase equity
  • Committed to positive, non-divisive dialog and solutions.

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